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Kyle Shartzer
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Kyle Shartzer I met Taylor (i think) and Marcus at a Taco Bell here in MD and they gave me a card for their band since of my Born of Osiris jacket. Great dudes, good music, total jam. Favorite track: Dead or Alive, You're Coming With Me!.
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released April 10, 2012

Damien Wong - Lead Vocals / Guitars
Taylor Wong - Bass / Vocals
Marcus Molina - Drums / Mustache



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SET TO STUN Los Angeles

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Track Name: Dead or Alive, You're Coming With Me!
I am evil incarnate.
I’ve come for slaughter.
I’ve come to claim the heads of all your sons and daughters

I’ve prayed for the chance circumstance of today
When a hero must learn his place
Separate the skin from bone and throw your body to the fucking dogs ha!

All that we are, requires sacrifice
And all we’ve become, pretentious parasites
The whores and the liars will burn in the fires
While Lions devour
Both Martyrs and cowards
Cause’ all in all we’re all just dead meat

Bring me the desperado!
And put his head on a silver plate!

Tentative and barely breathing crawling on the floor
Reaching out for hope in that your reaching for the door
I cannot help but simply laugh as I just simply break your back
Throw your body on the table and begin to slowly hack away your life

Hello kids this is Bodily Dismemberment 101 with Set To Stun….
“And now that we’ve successfully cracked through the sternum,
we’re going to pull out his heart, rip out his gizzards,
scissor his livers, tear out his lungs, now aren’t we havin’ fun?”

I think I’ve lost my fucking mind!

Mirror before me no please don’t ignore me its easy to see
Through all your lies
A lifetime of hatred a heart that’s mistaken itself for eyes

And if the devil wants me, well he knows where to find me
They’ll take my body but my heart belongs to my love

When the devil comes for me I believe that everything that’s come to be
will simply send me STRAIGHT BACK TO HELL
But I won’t stop ‘til nothings left with no remorse and no regret
with no respect for life or death I just don’t give a fuck!


Baby do you remember? We used to sing together! Singing like SHA LA LA LA!

Sha la la la la la don’t be shy you know
that you going to die nobody will miss you girl (NO NO!)
Nothing left to do but say goodbye
so baby close your eyes and let me kiss you girl!

Mother do you remember what you told me when we were young?
You told me “One day son I hope the wrong I’ve done
will play no hindrance in the making of the man that you’d become”
Now I’m standing as a culprit to the fact
Bludgeoned and beaten with a baseball bat
Bludgeoned and beaten broken defeated but mother do I make you proud of me?

Destiny, guide me through fear and through death!

Will they remember (remember remember!)
All the wrong I’ve done? (What I’ve done)
My darling Amanda (in a world gone wrong)
You had me at hello…
When all is said and done, and when I’m dead and gone…

Who we are is solely based on what we’ve done
For every time you stood your ground when it was easier to run
Believe me I know what its like
To be the only one fighting for what is right
Now when he’s on his knees and covered in blood
When he’s outnumbered ten to one
This is where we fight back
This is where we all stand strong
When you set Jack loose upon the world you know you crossed the line
I’ve second-guessed myself for the last time
Once and for all I’m taking back what’s mine
And I can’t fucking take this anymore
I can’t fucking take it any longer
William when I’m dead and gone promise me that you’ll carry on…

And if God can’t stop me, then no one will
Because it’s a dog-eat-dog world and I’ve got bigger teeth than you do

When all is said and done, and when I’m dead and gone
All a man can take with him to his grave
Is an empty box of bones, headstone and his name
And I’ll be damned to carry this shame
I’ve given up on you.
Track Name: Bangarang!
My darling Amanda

I've made up my mind
One way or another I'm putting you into the ground tonight
You're fighting tooth and nail
But the truth is you'll see hell
Long before anybody even knows you're gone
We're gonna raise some fucking hell!

Never surrender
They're tryna put me six feet under
You called down the thunder now the wolves at your door
With a setting sun and no where else to run you're gonna get what's yours!

She's lying face down in her shit blood vomit and piss
I'm feeling sick because I can't quite stomach the bitch
I've fuckin had enough
You love your sister? YES!
Than keep you fuckin mouth shut you cunt!


Never surrender
They're tryna put me six feet under
You called down the thunder now the wolves at your door
With a setting sun and no where else to run you're gonna get what's yours!

So put your hands together for the man of the hour,
He's a bad motherfucker MOVE!

Please allow me to introduce myself
I'm a man of particular taste and wealth
That can't be measured in the increments of gold and silver
The ladies call me jack the papers call me the ripper
I'm a cold blooded killer call me what you will
But it's a full moon out tonight and bet the bloods gonna spill
Yeah! Dismember. Disfigure. Disembowel
Mutilate. Decapitate. And put the fuckin bitch in the ground!

"Where the fuck is Taylor?"

Dismember disembowel mutilate
Decapitating raisin hell!


Track Name: Dreamcatchers and Body Snatchers
Blood in! Blood out!

For every single broken bone I ever suffered,
For every cutthroat cunt and gutless motherfucker
Want to kick me when I'm down?
Want to stomp my head into the ground?
You won't knock me off my two feet
I'm fuckin' built like an animal!


But I've got miles and miles
to go before I sleep
My nose is bleeding, head is spinning
I can't fuckin' help from grinning
Have I lost or am I winning?
Let's settle the score!

What are you looking for?
Hello, Angel-baby I don't know anymore!
I have the story in my head
The pen and paper in my hand
I cannot seem to see this through from the beginning to the end

I suffer writers block and blurry vision
as fact begins to blend in with fiction
It's hard to tell the difference when my subconscious
Cleverly manifests itself into characters such as these

I'm a gypsy rebel fighter and I haven't got a soul
I've got a pocket full of demons and my fists are made of stone
I've got the teeth of a great white
And I've worked up quite an appetite
For all that mince-meat in between that vertebrae you call a spine

I throw a mean left hook
that could stop a fuckin' truck!
And I've got seven deadly reasons
Why you shouldn't push your luck
Cause on my "Colors" album I showed you the flags that I was flying
But if you listen close enough you could see that I was trying to say

On the day I was born
They say the heavens wept
Cause I was born with a crown of thorns on my head
And the hearts of a million men in my chest!

I'm unstoppable!
Two fingers up and singing FUCK THE WORLD!
Oh yeah, I got my eye on you girl
and if I can't have you, nobody will

1! 2! 3! 4!

I'm 22 years old and what the fuck do I got to show?
I've got the skin on my muscles and the muscles on my bones
My bones encase my heart, my heart protects my soul
So tell me what the fuck he's got that I don't!?

Aside from the slit throat, and the broken neck
You're gonna get if you don't start showing me some fucking respect, boy!

Keep it together
Deep breath, deep breath

Fuck him!
And fuck her!
And fuck you too!
Fuck what you say when it ain't what you do
I've served my penance and I've paid my dues
Not to suffer motherfuckers and the likes of you

I'm gonna break, and when I do
I know that I'll just blame you
But the truth is that I
Am just so sick of my fucking life, I want to die
You see I gave her my heart but she gave it back
So I took my little baby and I put her in a bag
Then I stomped her fuckin head in
Till it blended with the floor

You'd be surprised how many people shed a tear for a whore like you!

And at the funeral I was tearin' up the dance floor
Cause they were playing my favorite song!
All night long!
To my surprise, it was an open-casket
But the body in the coffin was mine
You see I knew right then
This was the fuckin' end
I'd clearly lost my fuckin' mind!

And the Desperado knew right then
That true love, just ain't in the cards for men like him
It's a long and lonely road we walk
But someone's gotta do it


Hello, Angel-baby I don't know anymore!
I have the story in my head
The pen and paper in my hand
I cannot seem to see this through from the beginning to the end

I suffer writers block and blurry vision
as fact begins to blend in with fiction
It's hard to tell the difference when my subconscious
Cleverly manifests itself into characters such as these

Batter up! Batter up! Batter on deck!
Take the blunt of this bat to the back of her head
Three swings, three tries, if by chance she dies
First place price is called self-respect

You see a whore is nothing more than a gutter with a face
The apex of her ethics can be found between her legs
So I don't hesitate, no contemplate to send the bitch to hell
You think I really give a flying fuck about a jail cell? (Hell naw)

My whole life is a prison
Yeah I'm alive but that don't mean that I'm living
In my chest lies a nest infested with war-monger maggots
And the man in the mirror is a self-destructing faggot
I ain't fuckin' around this ain't a god damn joke
If I don't get this shit out I think I'm gonna fuckin choke!

Everybody claims to be hard but they've never felt real pain
You see baby real's my middle name!

(To be continued)
Track Name: Necronomicon Ex-Mortis
Necronomicon Ex-Mortis by SET TO STUN

Welcome! Welcome!
To the end of our story
Will heroes be met with death or with glory?
Nobody knows, I do suppose,
We'll just have to wait and see!

Well damn this house and all it's voices
Rat-infested, headless corpses
How much further can we bend
Before we all eventually break?

When I told her I loved her
My heart can't take this pain anymore
But I'll never surrender, my love,
Just remember the man that I was

It's just like you to shut your eyes
And run your fuckin' mouth!
Quite talkin' shit about something
That you know nothing about!
It's never been about unity
It's always been about
You versus me!

I bear this crown of thorns
As a constant reminder
Of all the sins that I'm going to pay for
And I'm too young to die

But she's the only thing that make me feel human

If i believe in anything then I believe that we'll make it through

And on my last breath I'd die to defend her
When it comes down to it would she have done the same for you?

They're all going to laugh at you
And I'll be laughing when they do!
Cause I know heartache and I know pain
And it's written on your face every single day
So when the Boogiemen come to take you away
Don't fuckin' blame me
Don't fuckin blame me!

Oh! You had me at "Hello"
And I swear I'll never let you go
When your broken body falls
I'll catch you.

Cause I don't know if I can bear
One more lonely night in there!
So stay with me! Stay with me!
Baby please don't fall asleep
Can anybody help me?
Can anybody hear me?
Am I all on my own?
Someone back me up!

"We got your back now!
Grab your guns and raise some hell!"
Oh am I glad to hear your voice..

Boy it feels good to be back with the boys..

Sometimes I wake up in the night crying out your name
The pillowcases bear witness to my pain
And once again I'm all on my own
God, if you can hear me send my Anne-Marie back home
(Oh my god, Anne-marie come back home!)
(Home now)

I'll never leave you again!
Put and end to your phobias, for tonight,

And when they come for me
Let it be known that I surrendered willingly
I'm not coming home tonight boy
Don't hold your breath till the morning comes

Mirror! Mirror! On the wall!

I feel so powerless and empty
Exhausted but I can't sleep
Cause I know everybody's out to get me
The only man I fear
Is looking in the mirror
And his anatomy's primarily composed of:

Unadultered hatred!
Serpentine, snake-line tongue!
Convoluted! Undisputed!
Devil at the back door, death is at the front

And in my final hours, a simple question:
Will death be my demise or my redemption?

And as we stand here, on the brink of an abyss
Staring straight into the depths of Hell,
I ask you old friend
Stand with me one last time
And raise up the fuckin' colors high
We're going to war

Motherfucker! Stand up! Stand up and fight!

(Raise up the colors, This is my color)
Show me you're the man that you claim to be tonight
I'm sending you back to Hell
Never again will I fall subject to the leniency of my heart!

Death to the Blessed, and hail to the Accursed
I believe in Anne-Marie Worth

I want to cover the world in ashes
I want to fill your mouth with dirt
And with the last breath that you gasp in
I want to bury you alive in the earth!

So my son, when the Deadmen come
Just remember where you've come from
Never have and never will bow to no one

I won't stand here pretending I'm not afraid
I'm scared to death but I never had the option to run away

With my guns drawn, march onto the background
And don't look back on all the wrong I've done
You fucked up son!
Look what you've done!
You brought the knife
And I brought the gun!